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"I knew absolutely nothing about driving a truck before attending the school.

Any instructor was going to have his/her work cut our for them to teach me.

  I cannot be more pleased with the instruction I received.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to have a second career."

David Stone



"Great place to get your CDL!! Cliff is a wonderful and patient instructor."

Melissa Kennedy

"Your help came at a time when I needed a lot of encouragement.

Thanks for being there and for all the care and help!"

Cameron Drew

This is an amazing school you get quality training and they work with your schedule. Brandon Lucas

"Cliff has the knowledge of Yoda and the patience of a saint!He taught me and my wife how to drive a big rig from the ground up in under a month, and I got my CDL the first time I tested, thanks to him! This was time and money VERY well spent!"



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